I started Space for Drama as a safe space for children to go after school and be free to create.

Maria Rio, Founder


Degree in Theatre

George Mason University, USA

Post Graduate in Theatre Education
Lisbon School of Education

25 Years of Experience

Drama classes, workshops and productions

How did it all start?


I grew up spending my summers in Lisbon around theatre and Fado. 

My grandfather, Varela Silva, had a 45 year acting and directing career and my  grandmother, Celeste Rodrigues, had a 70 year fado career. So I spent a lot of time around the performing arts.

Very early on I  realised working with children through Drama was my gift so I  studied  theatre at George Mason University and did a Post Graduate program in Theatre Education in Lisbon. 

I lived in the US most of my childhood around the rich culture of Washington DC where I was always amazed by the many artistic community centers for children. Being around these places and having my American “you can do anything you set your mind to” mentality, inspired a dream. 

To create a Space in Lisbon in which children can be free to be themselves. They would use this space as a vehicle to find their inner expression without any type of judgement and be the owners of their creativity. 

So, I created Space for Drama in 2017 and have passionately been on this voyage ever since


  •  Our goal is to not take up space, but instead, create space in children’s minds and give them the tools they need to be the best version of themselves. We don’t perform traditional plays, we create original works based on what the children want to express. We are here to facilitate the creative genius children naturally have by creating a space where they can feel safe to do that. Today’s children face the task of being planet heroes and we aim to be the artistic gateway that will empower them to feel they are capable of being whoever it is they want to be.