At Space for Drama we facilitate what we call “empowerment performance for kids"
This is a combination of acting, dancing, singing, writing, visual arts and a LOT of playing to promote confidence and self-expression. Classes are in English and Portuguese because we aim to combine children from other countries with Portuguese children to promote acceptance of others. We encourage a child-led environment where they are the biggest influencers in their creative process. It's like we take things from a type of “Mary Poppins bag” and we work with the things that either make us happy or those that challenge us.
We look inside ourselves and observe the way we view the world.


-During the school year- Academia da Estrela, Rua do Quelhas Lisboa - During the Holidays-Home camps- At different homes of friend groups


-During the school year- Thursdays 17h30-18h45 October - June - During the Holidays-Home Camps- Weekdays-10am-4pm


+351 929026268


Our classes are in Native English and Portuguese

We incorporate dance, music and art into our Drama

We have growth Mindsets

So you can reach your full potential


At Space

What you want to create comes to life!